Monday, February 13, 2017


Welcome to Functional Dysfunction, a blog devoted to the musings and insights of a mental health professional and freelance writer as I maneuver the twisted journey we call life. If you have stumbled onto this blog seeking wisdom or advice, you may find helpful information along the way. If there is a specific topic you wish covered just dash out an email and I will try to cover it in a professional manner. Please understand that this blog does not provide therapy. If you are in need of professional counseling please consult a licensed therapist in your area. If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others please call 911 immediately. 

For the most part this blog is devoted to exposingy sides of a mental health professional and the world of a freelance writer that you don't regularly see in a light, friendly manner. By exposing the inner workings of my mind, I hope to shed light on the fact that we all have struggles, regardless of our educational levels or professions. It is true that many counselors entered their fields to find their own answers. In the end, we are all just human beings striving to reach our potentials and find our purposes, while navigating the rapids of life. When behind the masks each of us wears around others, we are all hot messes in one way or another.

Please note that the opinions and experiences presented in this blog are mine alone and should not be considered those of the mental health profession or other freelance writers. Names and other identifying information will be changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.


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  1. We all wear multiple masks everyday to protect ourselves from the world. It is important though, that we remember to remove these masks when communicating with those we love.

    Thank you for your blog and good luck with it!